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Playable Rag Man (WIP)
Play with the afterbirth boss!
Created 8 months ago

Playable Rag Man

(WIP) (Concept)
Warning! the mod is in her firsts steps, is playable but for now nothing amazing here :C

Hey people! im here for... first time hehe... to show you an little mod what im making.

How can you see is Rag Man now a character! and visually are complete ... but you now can be like :"visually? how is that?"

So in simple words... only the sprites are complete because i don't know how program something!

BUT! i tried my best for give to us something "acceptable"


Stats and Items:

-Start with a red heart and 2 black hearts

-NO have any trinket, drop or card/pill/rune/etc.

-For now no have any active item... but if is possible make it this be a generator of friendly/charmed "Ragman's Ragling" made it by 4 charges

-Now Rag Man have the items "Spoon Bender", "Cursed Eye" and "Eve's Mascara" (this items are can compare with the attack style what have the original Rag Man)
(i don't know but for me Eve's Mascara can't work, can be because in the files what try the mod no have the item or something, please send me somebody a comment of this)

-In the stats like damage, luck, shoot speed, among others... i can't change for the original "Isaac" stats, but for that reason i put "Eve's Mascara" for try to changed it a little bit

-No have any bomb, key or coin


So its that for now guys , i hope you like the concept and give to you good moments!

and i like to talk here what if you know how code in LUA and want help me in something only can talk me if you want to do something for the mod or anything more relationated with the isaac world

Hope you enjoy this mod and have a very good road


Download here for Afterbirth (Rebirth was not tested) :!tl1khaLB!aOHIp7loTQLMJBj2pVHvuA


x 6

- Added a Mega for download in Afterbirth

I want to play it, but I havent afterbirth+
Oh... ok ok... i will try to upload another version of the mod in a mega page... replacing another character (can be maggy) so i say you need to wait for it :/
January 20, 2017 - 9 months ago

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Added the 50 new babies from Afterbirth+.

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