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Blue Bandana
Time feels malleable
Created 1 year ago

This mod was inspired by the flash game Pause Ahead, a platformer with a unique mechanic that is recreated in the mod.

This mod adds an item called "Blue Bandana" (itself something that the protagonist of Pause Ahead wears) to the Secret Room pool. This item makes pausing the game via Start or Escape part of the gameplay.

If you're standing perfectly still when the game is paused, nothing will happen. However, if you're moving, the mod will apply Isaac's momentum every frame even though the game is paused! Since there's no friction to slow you down, this means in practice that you'll continue moving in whatever direction you were moving in a straight line until you unpause the game or hit a corner. Rocks in the room will stop your momentum in the direction that you hit them unless you have the ability to fly.

While paused, you'll pass harmlessly through enemies and over pits and spikes. Just be careful where you unpause.

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What is that terminal in the video demo?
That's the standard Afterbirth+ debug console. It's built into the game by default, but it can't be accessed without enabling mods. If you do have at least one mod enabled, you can get to it by pressing "`" (to the left of "1" on a US keyboard). The available commands are listed here.

Fun fact: Having the console up counts as having the game paused, so with this mod Isaac will still slide around.
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