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Beelzebub Shoots Cats
when you get 3 fly items and become a fly you shoot cats
Created 1 year ago

My first Isaac mod, based on the greatest /r/bindingofisaac thread of all time.

When Isaac collects three fly-related items and transforms into Beelzebub, his tears transform into cats! Each size of tear was drawn by me based on the Dead Cat familiar (except for one, which is literally just the Dead Cat familiar sprite).

Please let me know if you find any bugs! [strike]I'm mostly worried about situations where the mod thinks that Isaac has a different number of Beelzebub items than he actually has. There's no way to check directly if the Beelzebub transformation has been achieved or not, so the mod has to keep track of each of Isaac's items and enable the cat tears when three Beelzebub items are picked up. This gets tricky when you consider putting down Jar of Flies, rerolling your run or even just quitting the run and continuing it later. I'm pretty sure it's not foolproof, as I did manage to save a run with Beelzebub and when I loaded it it thought I still had one item to go. I haven't been able to reproduce that, though. For the most part I think it's pretty solid. [/strike]

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- Hey, remember that part where I said that there was no way to test directly whether a certain transformation had been reached or not? It turns out I'm a big dumb idiot because you definitely can do that. Maybe you couldn't in an earlier version of the API (I'm sure I googled it and found a reddit thread where someone said you couldn't) but I'm not sure, all I know is that /now/ you super can and the mod has been updated to watch for that instead of manually counting Beelzebub items. The mod should be a lot less fragile now!

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