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Mouse Control In Isaac!!!
Aim with your mouse in TBOI Rebirth/AB
Created 1 year ago


Well now you have one!!!

With this simple mod, you can aim your tears in TBOI with your mouse!!!

~Various Uses~

* With Epic Fetus, the mark will follow your mouse, making it far easier to control
* This also works with Marked
* And the Ludovico Technique

* This mod is for Rebirth and AB, but not AB+

How To Install

1. Open the .zip file.
2. Open either the Rebirth or Afterbirth folder, depending on which one you have.
3. Find your "options" file in "My Games." (If you have Afterbirth, use the options file in Afterbirth.)
4. Replace the "options" file.


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I actually don't know how but I'm looking for it.
This can help with using Ludo and Epic Fetus, two good items that can be hard to control.
I only posted this mod because most people are not aware of this feature. I am aware that you can do it easily yourself.
I can already do this myself by changing a 0 to a 1 easily. There is no need for this mod.
Most people don't know about this feature.
Still, people can just look up a guide. I actually found it out myself.
it's just change a number, not need a mod
Most people don't know about this feature.
Most people don't know about this feature.
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