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All Characters Get OP Start
For getting achievments and for fun
Created 1 year ago
All characters get get amazing start with like a lot of Items

Afterbirth AND NOW REBIRTH only!

Afterbirth+ version coming soon!

List of all characters new items

Isaac: Sister Maggy, Brother Bobby, Bumbo, Continuum, Sack Head, <3, 3 Dollar Bill

Maggdalene: Blood of Martyr, Sister Maggy, Chocolate Milk, Maggy's Bow, Little C.H.A.D., PHD

Cain: Cain's Other Eye, Lost Contact, The Inner Eye, The Compass, Blue Map, Treasure Map, Bum Friend

Judas: Fire Mind, Ghost Baby, Goat Head, Lil'Haunt, Magic 8 Ball, The Mark, Mitre

???/Blue Baby: Blue Map, Rotten Baby, Rotten Meat, Sacred Heart, Safety Pin, Blue Cap, ???'s Only Friend

Eve: Eve's Mascara, Gimpy, Growth Hormones, Mom's Contacts, Mom's Eye Shadow

Samson: Samson's Chains, Scapular, Screw, Sacred Heart, Magic Scab, Gnawed Leaf

Azazel: Brimstone, Abaddon, The Mark, Bloody Lust, Anemic, Dark Matter, Death's Touch, Demon Baby, Dry Baby, Mega Blast

Lazarus: Lazarus' Rags, Leo, Meat!, Match Book, The Pact, The Peeper, The Small Rock

Eden: Was not changed because he is meant to be random

The Lost: Key Piece #1-2, Holy Water, Holy Grail, The Halo, Habit, Guardian Angel, The Mind, The Body, The Soul, Godhead

Lilith: Abaddon, The Pact, Anemic, BFFS!, Blood Bag, Dark Matter, Incubus x2

The Keeper: Transcendence, Censer, Head Of The Keeper, More Options, There's Options, Pay To Play

Sorry for not changing People such as Lazarus 2 and Eden and Judas' Shadow and everyone gets +1 Key +1 Bomb and +1 Coin and ? card

With Rebirth they have Joker Card to start and of course no Afterbirth items

You shouldn't need the gfx file but some people do.

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- Rebirth version available with download

- Rebirth version gives all players Joker card to start

Doesn't seem to work. Using afterbirth, put 'AFTERBIRTH VER' file in the resources folder and nothing happens
So, I have rebirth (not other dlc's) and I would like to mod it. You say that it is available for afterbirth AND REBIRTH, but the site says that you need afterbirth for the mod. Sooo, any help with this? Am I still safe to mod my rebirth game with it anyway?
If I may ask, I downloaded this mod and extracted it to the proper place but it does not load when I boot up my game so I'm wondering if I'm missing something?
It is OP because it makes getting achievements much easier and beating game easier and you may not have all items unlocked. but thanks for the comment
Rebirth version now ready to play just download and use Rebirth Ver.
thank you il go look for it right now
could you give me a link because I cant find it ive typed it in typed rebirth edition went on what dlc and picked rebirth I just cant find it
Download this mod i have updated this one to have a rebirth version added to it be sure you are downloading the 1.1 version
November 2, 2017 - 5 months ago

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