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The Binding Of Minecraft: Enderman
Adds a Minecraft Enderman as a new character!
Created 1 year ago
He's here, he's there, he... died... in water... The Enderman!

Enderman starts off with Spectral Tears, Teleport, Cursed Eye, and the stats below.

  • Health = 6 Black Hearts
  • Speed = 1.50
  • Range = 23.75
  • Tears = 10
  • Shot Speed = 1
  • Damage = 5
  • Luck = -1

Lots Of Thanks To Lytebringr's YouTube Tutorials For Teaching Me To Mod.

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Minecraft is my favourite game with the TBOI is amazing

Don't poison the community with this please
If the community doesn't like it they don't have to download it.
It's still there. Just because you close the lid on the toilet doesn't mean you can't smell what has been lodged.
You wouldn't have found the toilet if you didn't go into the bathroom.
In this situation, the toilet is the Modding of Isaac.
Enderman was too OP without it, and since you teleport when attacked when charging with cursed eye, I thought it would be fitting.
i think you need better textures :/
Try one day to create Your own items, it could be pretty cool
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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