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Insane FPS
Created 1 year ago


Now you can eat nails for breakfast because you have superior FPS!


  • Friendly stoney sprite edit (my own )
  • Colored Difficulties!
  • Improved main menu!
  • No Intro!
  • Colored character names!
  • Colored Stat Graphics!
  • In game character sprites for character selection! (Also my own)
  • Modified Boss Health Bar!
  • White Hidden Hud Sprites!
  • Challenge Listing improved
  • Improved Spidermod HP Bar!
  • No Overlays!
  • No room gradients!
  • Clearer pixel excellence!
  • No loading images!
  • New game?
  • No huge overlaying graphics that take up half the screen!
  • Enemies disappear instantly on death!
  • Enemies don't leave behind blood!

Most importantly, MORE FPS!!!!

Let me know if you use my mod in a video and if there any issues.


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doesn't work. I tried everything to make this mod work, I need this mod badly lol. I tried extracting it, I put it in the resrouce file, I put it in the mod file, I put it everywhere. nothing works. plz help
i had to umm download the mod via steam workshop. it wouldn't work if I downloaded it from here. I follow all the steps. I finally got it to work by downloading it off of steam work shop thx tho the mod could use some work. its not insane fps. it does help a smig. u could possibly turn off animations for some things like fires, fires cause frame rate, and others like water and background animation ?
Character menu is too colorful as for me.
I doubt you want to but you can reinstall the mod (you'd need to entirely reinstall isaac) and remove the gfx file that changes the character menu and manually install like normal.
June 5, 2018 - 19 days ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.