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The Binding Of Minecraft: Slime
Adds a Minecraft Slime as a new character!
Created 1 year ago
This mod adds everyone's favorite Minecraft Slime into the game.

Slime starts off with Cricket's Body, How To Jump, and the stats below.

  • Health = 2 Red Hearts
  • Speed = 0.85
  • Range = 13.75
  • Tears = 9
  • Shot Speed = 0.60
  • Damage = 4
  • Luck = 1

Lots Of Thanks To Lytebringr's YouTube Tutorials For Teaching Me To Mod.

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Email Me Any Glitches/Bugs At [email protected]

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This is binding of isaac not minecraft, if you want minecraft things THEN PLAY MINECRAFT
I tkink my brother will love this mod He really loves Minecraft.
I hope he enjoys it! Also, I completed the Enderman mod recently, it can be found here:
Soo... Are You going to make another Minecraft mod?
It should work for all dlc and non-dlc, I've only tested on Afterbirth+ though, and it works fine.
I will try to complete all the Minecraft characters, and then move onto things like familiars and items next.
I will looking for them on this website
it's funny because you say it's minecraft but it have good graphics (ok, just joking)
I thought slimes in minecraft are cubical, not in humanic shape?
I've tried making the head cubical, but it made the character look weird, so I decided its better off normally shaped.
Why not just make it a cube instead of giving it a cube head ? I'm no master spriter and don't really know how that difficult that would be but calling it "minecraft" slime without making it a cube is kind of ... well, not "minecraft". Though I'm sure you are aware of that and posted this mod with the excitement of it being a mod you made yourself which is something I've experienced before hence the fact I'm writing this comment.
Unless AB+ changed it, the head and body sprites are separate. this means that you have to have both for the model to work properly.
Oh yeah, totally forgot about that. That makes it even more difficult then.
You wouldn't be able to tell if it's jumping, holding an item, or walking, due to Slimes not having arms or legs. Also, the body is separate from the head, so that would complicate it even further.
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