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Adds a new item into the game
Created 1 year ago
Your sprite and tears fluctuate in color
You gain flight
Your red heart containers are filled
You spawn moving creep that is the same color as you.
Itempool: Angel
Showcase Video:

Q: You can't make sprites that good. How did you get it?
A: Well I used an unused sprite from Mei and edited it a bit.
Q: You've uploaded 5 mods in two days, why don't you just make one big mod and call it a day?
A: Well, the short answer is "I don't know". The long answer is "this mod will be the last for a while because I'm working on a mod that adds a new character up to par with something like the charred. It will shoot creep instead of tears. The only problem is... I don't have a good name. I want you too both put suggestions for how exactly you want this character to work and what to call it. (Also some art would be nice)"


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It looks interesting but I don't like this one-color Isaac.
This blue version of this item was also good
I am really happy that i saw Your items on Steam Workshop
I think the name for the character you are doing can be Noah ,because of the flood (from the bible) sorry if I didn't help you
November 2, 2017 - 4 months ago

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