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Basically a portable shop
Created 1 year ago
Description: Reroll your wealth
Itempools: Shop
If you have more than 15 pennies, the item takes 15 pennies away and gives you a random shop item
If you don't have enough money, then nothing happens
Showcase Video:


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I am waiting till You add this to Steam and I am gonna try this ;)
Ok, I've uploaded all of my afterbirth+ mods to steam. You're welcome
That's totally awesome Now Edmund can see Your mods :p
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

We now have a store with modding-related and Antibirth shirts, with designs by the amazing Elko! The price may be going up a little soon, so if you wanted to get them at the lowest price they will be, now is the time. Special thanks to DragonoidSlayer for helping get this set up!

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