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Experience Bar
Adds an experience bar (This version requires an item)
Created 2 years ago
Description: What's it made out of?
Itempool: Treasure
Effect: Adds an experience bar
Every time you kill an enemy, you gain 1 or 2 exp. Every 100 exp gives you a level. Every level gives you a random reward. (There are five different rewards)

Showcase Video:


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You could make that different enemies give you different amounts of exp and when you level up all your stats increase
Well, yes I could, but there are already two mods that give stat changes based on an experience system. I didn't want to make what already existed. (plus now you can have three exp bars )
Oh, my bad, i didn't know that already existed :P
So in this version without item You start with experience bar and in this version You not?
I use the one with the item because "balance", but it's really up to you.
Yeah... You're right Balance is better.
June 5, 2018 - 9 months ago

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