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better rooms mod
treasure, devil, angel, curse and arcade rooms were edited
Created 3 years ago

treasure, devil, angel, curse and arcade rooms were edited

-treasure rooms have now 2 or 4 or when you are lucky 7 items.
-angel and devil deals can have 4 items.
-It is worthwhile now to search for secret rooms because they now have items, but not all.
-you find in the arcade room items .

This mod makes the game a little bit simpler, but its not to OP .


-65+ new rooms!
- new curse rooms!
- new challenge rooms!
- new devil deal rooms!
- new secret rooms!
- new angel rooms!
- new Super Secret rooms!
- new arcades!
- new Sacrifice rooms!
- new Boss Rush rooms!
- new Libraries!
- new chest rooms!
- new Black Markets!
- new Isaacs Bedrooms!


x 29

- change the rooms a little bit

- no dice shard at the start , it´s to op

- 10 rooms

- Shops have now donation and reroll machine

Do this mod for version afterbirth+ please. I hate to play for keeper.
programm/stem/steamapps/common/isaac and put the rooms folder in the isaac folder
to overpowered to many items in rooms u can find polyphemus and stuff fast
Can you make a rebirth version? I'm playing antibirth. It's difficult.
i cant make a antibirth mod because its rebirth, when afterbirth is out for antibirth i try it , during the time you can try the mod
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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