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Mega Satan Health Bar
Gives Mega Satan a Health Bar
Created 1 year ago
What: Gives Mega Satan a Health Bar
Who: *****
Where: *****
When: 1/19/17
How: Paint, GIMP, XML, Lua
Why: Well, he didn't have one, and now he does!


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can u make a ultra greed heath bar?
Is it possible to make it like all the other health bars? It stands out quite a bit from the rest of the boss health bars, which might make some people annoyed. However, I like it! Cool mod!
Is this for Rebirth, Afterbirth. Or AB+
It should work with all versions boyo
Doesnt Work with AB+ will hang when entering the void portal. No probs if you dont use void portal. Thanks still...
oh well, it was tested in afterbirth
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