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Bathany Replaces The Portals
bathany it's a bat girl that replaces the portals
Created 1 year ago
(only for afterbirth plus)

bathany it's a bat girl that replaces the portals (enemies that spawns other enemies)

you probably saw my other mod, the trapdoors portals, but it was out of the isaac themes, so i maded this.

it DOES NOT replace the void trapdoor portal (the portal that sends you to the void)
it DOES NOT replace the bestiary entry neither the death portraits.

installation guide: copy the Bathany Folder into "documents/my games/binding of isaac afterbirth+ mods", now open the game and go to mods, activate the mod (if it's activated don't do anything) and enjoy ;)

(sorry for my english, grammar, etc. i speak in spanish and my english level it's pretty bad )


x 4

- Now more shading

- Better textures

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