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Cooler Title Menu
Gives a diffrent feel to the title screen.
Created 1 year ago
How: Lots of GIMP
When: 1/17/17
Who: *****
Where: *****
Why: I just wanted to get something out there that wasn't a meme.


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- Uploaded the right file lol

I'd like to see a screenshot for this mod because I already have another mod that changes the title screen, alas "A screenshot would give the whole mod away", I'm not trying to be rude but I don't feel like downloading a mod that I don't know what it changes something to
>A screenshot would give the entire mod away

... Wait, how did this get a seal of approval? Aren't you meant to upload at least 1 in-game screenshot?
no, if theirs a good reason to not use screenshot, then it's ok
But there isn't a good reason, at least show what the mod is.
The files don't even have anything for the title menu
oh that's embarrassing, I uploaded the wrong mod
actually, you can made an HD picture with anm2 files
As always, if you think you can make a better sprite, then tell me about it in the comments.
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