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Mom's new kicks!
Mom bought some new shoes
Created 2 years ago
1. Replaces the mom's heels item with mom's Nikes.
2. Mom (Boss) has Nikes instead of red heels.
3. Mom (From mom's toenail, high priestess, ect.) also wears nikes.
When: 1/15/17
How: GIMP and Google Images
Who: *****
Where: *****
Why: Because I thought the mom fight had an overall lack of memes

Credit to AnonimoCF for providing an updated sprite

This mod was featured in a video:


x 6

- AnonimoCF updated the sprite by adding borders to the shoe

finally a mod that fits my lifestyle.
Can I have a version of this but with socks and sandals instead of nikes?
hey, is there any way we can get a timbs version of this mod <3
He means this kind of shoe instead of the Nike shoe:
I might but probably not, I'm working on a big mod that turns Issac into a tower defense.
If anyone has a better sprite, then send it to me, but I think i did a pretty good job.
I think I can improve it. How can I send it to you?
Ok. I will send it to you right now!
June 5, 2018 - 11 months ago

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