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less pointless costumes
no more costumes for stuff like "+1 hp" or "+5 bombs"
Created 2 years ago
This mod removes costumes for a lot of items that are mostly inconsequential as far as actual effects go. You won't see costumes for less than 3, meat, matchbook, and other stuff like that. The entire point of this mod is to make isaac less cluttered with costumes, as well as removing pointless costumes.


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Really wishing there was a mod that entirely removed costumes.
I want one because I already have reskinned character mods and I don't want them to become completely unseeable with costumes with every item I pick up
this mod destroys all the fun with making isaac look like a walking poop
I don't really see the point of removing costumes... I mean, they're here because Isaac takes and carries the items for the entire run...
Tooth Picks item is actually kinda scary, because they stab Isaac's Eyes and that is why he gets Blood Tears after picking this Item (in my opinion)
If I could mod tooth picks and a small rock so that they don't turn isaac's tears red, I'd mod that too...
resprite red tears to regular tears?
No, disable tooth picks/small rock from changing tear color in the first place.
I think costumes are awesome even if You look weird/stupid/ugly. I love in TBOI that every item changes your look
June 5, 2018 - 11 months ago

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