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Infinity New Item
This mod adds one single item.
Created 3 years ago
This mod adds one single item that gives you max range has synergy with items like Rubber cement and Continuum.
This means that every tear never stops if you have Rubber cement.


Range : max
damage : +1
tears : down

New after update:

-Added challenge (Called: OneShot)
-Added Item too devil item pool for the cost of 2 Health.
-Damage -1 (Ner

Looking for a beter icon in game!
Feel free too send me a beter icon I will give you some credits and will add it if it is beter the image need too be 32x32.

Feel free too use this source code for you're own mod.
And I love feedback guys so comment me (:


x 13

- Added challenge (Called: OneShot)

- Added Item too devil item pool for the cost of 2 Health.

- Damage -1 (Nerf)

- New pick-up image / icon

- Added Item too devil item pool for the cost of 2 Health.

- Delete some debug text.

And any bugs, or do it need a nerf? my friend
Is this only rebirth because if it is then I can't test due to just really not wanting to have to uninstall afterbirth because of reasons
It is maked for afterbirth but still works on rebirth so it doesn't matter
Do you have plans to make this afterbirth+?
Nerfs will come if needed. You can always give me some feedback. Its my first mod I am working on a pack with more items and new enemy's.
New enemies *.* The most wanted by me part of TBOI ♥
I am working on enemies but can't add them yet because afterbirth+ doesn't support custom enemy's yet without using console. So first there will be only items and challenge's. If it takes too long I will make it like antibirth and you will need too add it manually.
Hmm sound fun I will try to make a new character (btw I am not as good as the creator of the character mei but I can make something fun) do you have any idea for a character maybe?
If you have afterbith+ you can just add it too the afterbirth+ mods folder this item isn't added too the item pool yet I am working on that. Type "giveitem c511" inside isaac command prompt.
To install you have to unpack it to the Afterbirth+ Mods folder, but if you want the item to be in the pools, you'll have to manually edit them to include it, I don't think there's a proper way to add them yet. (I did some research about the itempools)
Its added too the devil room pool now
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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