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Arena Mode
Afterbirth+: Whole New Gamemode
Created 2 years ago
This Mod adds a whole new Mode:

In the first room: Choose your items
- You must pick 1 out of 5 items
- You will get 10 items
- After picking 10 items you will go to the arena
- there are 3 new items and 1 new enemy

In the arena: Fight of Monsters
- There are 20 waves of Monsters
- The waves will get harder every time
- Try to beat the 20th wave, Good luck (It's Very Hard)
- You can go endless after wave 20

- pick the hardmode item, that will active hardmode
- every boss has double health and contact damage

Extract the file and put the Arena Mode folder in your Mods folder
You can find it in "C:\Users\<Your Name>\Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods"

If you find a bug or have any ideas to make this mod even greater, put it in the comments

Thanks to: Wertandrew for making the Awesome Music

Thanks to: Ashkal for making the Awesome Backdrop

Todo list:
- different end bosses
- improve item room
- New enemies?


x 94

- Wertandrew made music for when you play hardmode

- Small Fixes

- New Arena Backdrop by Ashkal

- a chance poops will spawn when completed a wave

- enemies won't spawn inside walls anymore

- when an item or shop spawns you get teleported to it so that you don't miss it

- Better random items system (prevents getting the same 5 items)

- a new enemy that spawns in 1 out of 3 waves

- you can now defeat endless waves after you have beaten the hush, you can also choose to just end the game after hush, the waves will get harder every time with more health and more contact damage

- cursed amulet now has 1 charge

- 3 new Items (what would they do?)

- Fixes for things not working second run

- Added an Hard mode

- Removed curses

- Removed many useless items from the custom itempool

- Fixed button not appearing

- fixed button

- fixed active items

- changed item room layout

- added new names for the stages

- some useless items are removed from the pool

- New Backdrop for the Arena

- Fixed item and shop waves not appearing second run

- Normal-Hard mode are now playable

- Wave 15 and 20 Items are fixed

- There are 20 waves now

- Waves drop coins

- Added a collectible before wave 5 and 15

- Added a shop before wave 10 and 20

- Active Item now gains 2 charges each wave

- Removed the void and azazel's card

- Added button to go to the next wave

- Items despawn when not picked, this removes the flight bug

- Items that are bugged with the mod are removed in arena mode

- When wave 15 is defeated there will spawn a trophy with the text "You Won!"

- When you are cheating with the flight bug you will get text with "You Cheater!"

- Clearing a wave now adds 3 charges to your active item

- New Music for the Arena Thanks to 'Wertandrew'

- Waves are Randomized

- You now get a heart drop when you beat a wave

- Wave 1-12 do not always have the same enemies

- Arena now has Boss Music

- Active items are not bugged anymore

dude i have afterbirth+ did all the steps and everything, it doesent works Help?
whenever I enter the arena it crashes my game
It doesn't work for me when i play arena mode its just greed with the different walls
It would be cool if there were different levels that would produce a victory trophy. First attempt and I just finished wave 101 on hardmode. I still have full health but have just lost interest in the run. Restarted to try new run.
Hey Dude Bro, It Just Changes The Walls, I Tried Greedier Mode And It's The Same, Piz Help ;-;

i downloaded it and anything but when i picked all items and jump to the boss room it disappears
what disappears? are you playing mac or linux cause those are not tested
Why this mod doesn't working? I did all things from instruction, but it still not working! (I probably made mistakes, because I don't know english language. Don't judge me )
go to The binding of isaac on steam and "Verify Intergrity of Game Files" in properties, this will download the latest version of Afterbirth+
it seems like your steam profile isn't setup yet
Wow, you must have had really good items
ipecac + Pyromaniac + Quadshot +20/20 Good
Помогите , как поставить?
good mod, but which version is rebirth compatible? thanks!
there is no version for rebirth, only afterbirth+ because this is made with Lua
June 5, 2018 - 11 months ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.