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Almost complete save (afterbirth plus)
a almost complete save for afterbirth plus, with almost all
Created 1 year ago
this save have almost all unlocked, just missing 6 achievements (Some achievements are bugged, or I don't know how to unlock this achievements)

All items are unlocked

how to install: access your steam directory, and move the downloaded save to this directory: Steam/userdata/random numbers/250900/remote


x 37
That doesn’t work, I only have the original achievements
How do you change the number on the completed save file to replace the second save file?
I cant get any save files to work for me. I have steam cloud disabled in steam and I set the steam cloud to 0 in options as well.
I also have restarted steam after adding the file.
it crashes everytime when i try to start new game on afterbirth+ but it starts normally on afterbirth? and yes, i replaced the file with afterbirth+ file, not afterbirth
Inside the "Userdata" folder, the number is different for everyone, so once you're inside it, you just find a folder with the numbers 250900 (that's the games steam ID), and then go inside to find the folder that says "remote", and replace one of the "abp_persistantgamedata" files. BTW, you can change the number on the completed save file to replace either of the three game saves.
Can you please explain how you got it to work?
1st : close steam
2nd : put the savegame in the folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\"your account number"\250900\remote .
3rd : open steam then the game.
please explain more, I have it in the right file, but its a rar and I have dat`s? I am unsure on what needs to be done if anyone can help ill be back daily to see if there is any help, thanks!
you have to open the rar file and take the dat file inside and move it to the file where the other dat files are
It's not working I even deleted my other saves. Is there anything else you have to do?
Start a game one save one and then replace it with the file
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