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Making the game fun without cheating
Created 3 years ago
Hey! Afterbirth version has been released, come here!


Sometimes Isaac can be frustrating, yes. A few great mods give you the chance to make it easier by changing gameplay like:
-Adding multiple items to Item Rooms
-Getting OP Items in every item pool
-Much less charge time for items

And so on and so on... The point is, doesn't this feel like cheating? You are getting much more from the game without doing anything... How about a mod that makes having good runs much easier without making the game play by itself? Well, I won't say I managed this (because it's really hard to do), but with this mod I tried my best to make the game more fun to play.


Well, I won't spoil too much to you, but here's an idea of what's gonna change from Vanilla Rebirth:
-Item rooms get more items from other pools (more variety)
-Devil Deals have a few more items in their pool, to make fun synergies more common
-Angel rooms are much stronger, ranging from one to three items (rare but possible)
-Characters who were bad now are much stronger (maybe even OP, I'll try to fix this) to allow random streaks without bad characters
-Sacrifice Rooms are now much more varied and offer various services (slot machines or even, rarely, items)
-Most spacebar items have been buffed, now many will be useful (did anyone else hear "Flush"?)
-Generally, item pools are bigger
-Dark room is slightly harder, to provide a balance to the stronger runs
-More little tweaks to the overall experience

I'd like to note that, besides Special Rooms and the Dark Room, NO ROOMS HAVE BEEN ALTERED. I heavily dislike most of the room packs available and I like the experience Edmund balanced out for us. (Note that you still can use room mods, just remember to install this mod last to get every feature working)

After all of this I'll leave you with the Mod, remember I'm one guy and I can make mistakes (or just have a weird idea of "balance"), if you think anything needs to be changed please write down here Please test this or give this a few shots, I've playing only on this Mod for a few weeks now ;)


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This mod deserves to be famous
i'd say nothing. played this mod for a while, i understand wnat it does. like, awesome, nothing to say else.
нрк апвпавпвапвапвпвап
crush crush crush crush crush crush and crush. good mod
it doesn t work for me, i have copied the files in the resources but it didn t work please help me
I installed this mod long ago, and now I can't seem to undo the effects of this.

Does anyone have the original files and such for me to copy and paste into my game?
i don't know if i'm late but you just need to delete room and player files and the game will automatically set them back to normal
This mod doesn't work very well. it does matter on which platform your using, but it slows down the game ALOT.
Have You updated this to Afterbirth plus?
Can I find this on Steam Workshop? I really wanna try this mod.
what other characters where bad the only one i knew was bad was Simon and that was do to the blood lust change
God, I love this mod.
I would've quit isaac altogether if this mod didn't exist LOL
Will there be a mod update to Afterbirth+ ?
As I did with Afterbirth, I'll have to play the game for a bit, and think of ways to really balance it out on the easier side, without going overboard with it. There'll be a version, just not in the upcoming month ahahah
This is an awesome mod, but I dont really like it in my game too much... whatever.
I did everything to install the mod,it didnt work,i cant get the afterbirth version since i do not have afterbirth yet.
I mean,i dont really know how to figure out if it works or not..
I give you my half of heart.Very good mod
Yo can you still get achievements and stuff with this mod
i think you can. I have so far, anyway.
Was really looking forward to trying the mod out, seems pretty sweet but unfortunately keeps crashing if its fixed id love to check it out
my isaac keeps crashing? i put it in the resources where the packed is and it says it has stopped working? do u know why?
I've been having the same problem. ;w; Don't know what to do! If I move it, it doesn't work...
game crashes on start only this mod but still amazing mod
I like this mod very much! Is there any way to make a version for "old" Isaac? aka The Binding Of Isaac: Eternal Edition
Sadly, that would require knowledge of flash, which I do not have
I especially like that you made the sacrifice rooms different, those things were useless.
Ohh, Its look cool! I must use it!
nice mod! it'll be very useful for the lost runs!
this mod is nice, but my game crashed
If I want to combo this mod and Undertale Expansion, what do I need to remove from Undertale, that will not glitch or have sprites?
This mode is toooo easy I fellt toe much powers in me and I kile haunt in 21 hites. I dont liek mane u tooo easy on peolpel
1. Learn how to english 2. Haunt is easy 3. Don't go onto a mod page to complain about your personal opinion of said mod if it is in no way useful to the devs.
so the point of the mod is to make it easier without being cheat like. THE MOD IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE WORSE AT THE GAME YOU FUCK TART AND LEARN SOME ENGLISH
literally go kys, thanks, and go to kindergarten and learn to spell too
I'm pretty sure he is just trolling
nice mod, I could not even do this :P
Much less charge time for items?
Don't work with D6.
if you would actually read the text instead of glossing over it you would see that it says that some mods provide that but the modder didn't like that and thus it is not in the fucking mod
Кидаю в ресурсы папку с папкой room не работает,кидаю с доп.файлами то тоже не работает! в чём проблема
удали саму игру в стиме и папку игры а потом заново установи все разрешиться
Really good,but you better leave a bug report link if someone find bug
Doesn't work. Crashes on startup.
one of my favourite mods with godmode
Love the mod, but why did you nerf blank card to 6-charge?
a bit too easy but fun none the less
how do i know if the mod worked?
Wait... this has NEVER been updated?! Wow!!
Ooh, this mod looks interesting. I'll be sure to check it out sometime!
Why after installing the mod in my Isaac does not go pishit not responding?
yes, there's no mods what disable achievements
I can no longer open isaac, crashes every time I try to open it...
delete the mod files and it should work
If anyone needs help I can help them too
this mod is extreamly fun the only problum (mind my spelling) is that its too easy
A lot of people agree that it makes the game a little easier.
Well, that was the purpose of the mod ahahah I think the unmodded game already offers a nice balance ;)
Is that it? The description makes it sound like it makes the game harder
Oh, what I mean with the description is that, instead of making the game easier by making item rooms hold twice as many items (or many other unbalanced tweaks), I tried making it easier by reworking item pools/special rooms and so on
Mods like this can not lock achievements
just wanna say a massive thanks awesome balancing mod it means you don't walk into every item room and get disappointed because it always brekfast
Nope, Rebirth only.

About two weeks ago though I released the Afterbirth version that you can find here:
That's what I think as well, it can be fun without it But not everyone likes to keep having challenging runs, and might find it more fun to get their hands held. Thanks for the criticism anyway, appreciate it
Um yeah, trying to start it, isnt starting, good concept but isnt working bud
Did you install the mod properly? because it works for the 5 thousand other people who downloaded it
The Afterbirth version is almost done, I need to finish reworking some special rooms and I'll release it
he already has, it is now a separate mod for Afterirth
the first time i played this mod i wus walking into the self sacrofice room and i found guppys head and...i think poop
he already has, it is now a separate mod for Afterirth
Have not played it yet (Afterbirth)

Already Hype
I love to see sacrifice rooms aren't complete bullshit anymore
I got the mod, and it isn't working, i moved everything into the resources folder and yet it is all still the same, can anyone help?
I think i got it to work, i found a black market in a sacrifice room, well thanks for trying anyways! c:
A great mod, making your decisions in the game better,
at first was confused. then got brimstone and killed everything... gg
This mod is awesome but it's not working with afterbirth. Plz fix
It isn't compatible with Afterbirth. If you read the damn description you would know that
It Works On Afterbirth? And... Thats A So Great Mod
he already has, it is now a separate mod for Afterirth
he already has, it is now a separate mod for Afterirth
No. I do not like this.
It's too O.P. and breaks the fun in the game...
It's fine, everyone has tastes This isn't aimed to players who are already above average, but for ones who find it hard to play as it is. Thanks for trying it though!
hi pricefield, i like the mod and i would love to see two versions for afterbirth like easy and hard, i like the easy game and some people likes hard so it would be a good idea to make it two diffrent sections or like two diffrent mods.
It dosen't work for me for some reason
pleas help me
Doesn't seem to interesting I don't know if I should download this mod it seems just dull.
I agree, its a little bit too easy
Yeah, I downloaded the mod to see what it is all about and I can say this is one of the most cheap mods I've ever seen and it makes you OP and you can just go on a rampage, this should actually be called a cheat/hack.
have you seen any of the cheat mods? this is easy mode, not a hack
Plz do afterbith as soon as you can make it good
Well I want to do things such as make it worth to fight against Hush, and not super tedious and basically useless... I have to wait for Room Editors for that
Working with Afterbirth myself, so I won't download yet, but I am gonna like this, because I hope to try it out. I'm bad at this game, so something that'll make it a bit easier, but still fun? That sounds like a good time.
Currently not. That's because I intend to rework many things that are in the expansion, I don't want to just port this

I care about this mod and I want it to keep the game "balanced, yet easy" even in Afterbirth, and that means I need to learn by playing how to do it properly
Thanks for ur dedication Pricefield!
Take ur time, play the game, have fun, the mod can wait ^^
So do these mods disable the achievements completely?
No, they dont, no need to worry about that ;)
Game crashes when the game is launched with SkyMod.
Works well. Cool additive, and though I wouldn't classify it as cheating it is definitely much easier, so I don't use it too often. A challenge is good. Anyway, it's a great mod.
You added the Lazarus rags to the default 'lost' starting items.
However if you die and revive from the rags you become Lazarus, not 'The Lost' so its kind of pointless for achievements etc.
I mostly did this to give people a reason to make random streaks without being scared of The Lost: you get to start with him, yeah, but you can keep going with the run even after getting hit
Well to me having him with the 1up would make more sense.
Well the 1up would respawn him as the lost again... I'd prefer giving another chance with a character than can still get hit
does this alter achievements, unlock and progressions?
No mods ever do that just to let you know don't worry when installing a mod it wont tinker with your saves or progression.
If you want a mod where you can actually have fun and not cheat your way through like this mod lets you, get the godmode mod. It is actually a bit challenging while having actually a lot more fun.
plays purist after installing this mod - finds godhead in boss pool
i rate 8/8 m8 you did gr8
Exactly where do you put the files? I know with other mods it's resources but that does not seem to work.
The exact same place you put every other mod
Great mod, but when I play the Lost the Boss rush always (and I mean ALWAYS) crashes on the peep+duke of flies. I only use this mod, and there was no problem before the mod.
if your from the tf2 community you should know CuteC3, she is my friend, her friend Dr.Benjo showed me this mod, dear god its amazing.
how do it add the mod to rebirth. i dont know where to put the files
C: > Program Files 86x > Steam > SteamApps > Common > The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth > Resources.

Just dump everything there.
And next item is Cricket'sbody omg!
i downloaded allot of mods and idk if its this one that does stuff to some characters but if it is your mod you shouldn't put the rags on the lost
Glad to hear it! Still trying to get the most out of this mod ;)
Could you atleast put directions?
What do you mean by directions?
What do you mean? Does the game crash once you boot it up or, while playing, you don't notice any changes?
while playing i dont notice any changes.... and its in the right file...
Mhhh so if you start with, for example, Blue Baby, you have no spacebar item? That's weird, I honestly tried re-installing the mod and it works...
no i start with the poop...
and i tried re installing it
I'm sorry then, this is really weird :P I have no idea about what could be causing this
Should be added to the agony of isaac, nice work!
Well if you want you can install both, just install this one last to get both working Thanks by the way ;)
nah, Agony of Isaac tries to keep the balance of the game while adding variety. AoI also increases the difficulty slightly, while skymod tries to give to give the player more adventages.
also agony isn't a mod pack, it's made by one person (or maybe a group) but either way it's a stand alone mod. maybe someone will make a modpack with both in the future.
this as nothing to do with the 'balanced game by edmund' either, i even think its change the game even more than mods that adds hundred of rooms, because they provide variety, and you... just provide 'help'...cheat yeah sorry i will continue to name this a cheat.

of course some people will enjoy it, and good work! But im just a little disappointed by the description ^^' friendly (i precise because my english is not so good and maybe i can sound rude)
Well don't worry, of course this can be considered as cheating, what I meant was that people with this mod won't feel too much like "Hey, I'm getting the most OP run ever by doing nothing", they will have to play to get something out of a run Also, if you want you can use mods like "The Agony Of Isaac" if you like them, I just dislike the balance they give to the game :P
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