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This mod adds new special rooms!
Created 3 years ago



This mod adds new special rooms (the Treasury, the secret room ...)

So far, this is a beta and added new treasuries and secret rooms.

In general, Added 97 new rooms



x 22

- Added 13 Challenge Room

- Added 17 rooms cursed

- In general, Added 84 new rooms

- Added 17 rooms cursed

- In general, Added 84 new rooms

- Added new shops and a super secret rooms!

every time i go to caves / flooded caves it crashes...
Strangely, this problem I had not noticed.
with the D6 and a lot of free recharges, one might even get the knife or epic fetus out of this, i like it
What should I expect in this mod? Please make more information available.
This mod adds a new special room.
Now the fashion is in beta.
But already added 97 new rooms.
This mod looks cool, but why is it a .rar file and what do I do with it? Help meh
go to the principal page of modding of Isaac and then go to help
(sorry I cant help you, no good English... i'm a Spanish guy )
The contents of the archive to unpack into a resource folder (It is in the Steam / stemmapps / Common / The Binding of Isaac Rebirth)
So... do I just do it like I do any other .zip file?
That's the thing, I have installed mods before (I uninstalled them now) and I did the same with this... nothing happens, at all, I run the game and no new rooms
Like all ones I put it into the Recourses file
Hmm .... I do not know what's the problem then
just select extract here adn put the resources folders . ;)
Could you add more screenshots or add more detail to the description? Both would be better.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.