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The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth
An unofficial, fan-made expansion.
Created 4 months ago

This is an official post by the Antibirth team. Proof here.

Five years ago, a young boy took his first trip down into the basement, facing the endless threats below to escape from the murderous delusions of his loving mother. Three years later, he found himself facing the same predicament but with an even greater plague of horrors and peril. Very shortly afterward, a modest few among us decided that even this was not enough. In the two years since then, fate has worked tirelessly to place by far the most fearsome challenge yet in his path. This time, Isaac will face our free and fan-made The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth expansion, Antibirth. So what exactly is in store for him?

  • 2 new characters with unique playstyles
  • 90+ new collectible items to help Isaac fight
  • 18+ new trinkets to swap and strategize with
  • 80+ new enemies to face one after another
  • 16+ new bosses to kill or be killed by
  • 4000+ new rooms to explore and survive
  • A new secret final chapter for Isaac to endure
  • Bigger and greater secrets than ever before
  • Several new or enhanced features for local cooperative play
  • A nearly full and original new soundtrack, evocative of classic Isaac

The Binding of Isaac has had one of the most involved and robust communities of fans around since its initial release and has inspired countless players and developers with its peculiar sensibilities and creative blend of roguelike flavor. As its zealous modding community has proved, it’s only natural that many among us would feel the urge to try to help carry the torch and make it partly our own, but Antibirth was the first and is presently the only Isaac mod to reach deep into the core of Rebirth to enable the depth and scope of a full expansion, aspiring even to the size of the official DLC, Afterbirth. If you’ve become as enraptured with Isaac as the rest of us and you still want more, we’re here to provide our absolute best — and more of it than you’ve ever dreamed of — all for free.


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I only found this by seeing the trailer on leathers channel (the animator for the trailer)
What folder do you install the mod into?
Probably the best mod in any video game.
Hello, at first thank for this awesome mod. I like the real coop feature, so.. I would like to ask if you will try to export as a real coop mod for afterbirth + ?
hello, I would very very much like if you could port the rock bottom item into afterbirth plus. Thank you very much.
make the afterbirth+ version here, please.
This mod needs to be its own freaking game it's so AMAZING!!!!!
этот мод на реберф???
Он только для Rebirth.Но Эдмунд пообещал добавить этот мод в официальную игру летом.
Can you pls add a mac version. Because this mod looks great and sounds as well. Also my friends like it a lot.
Hiya @_Kilburn ! I have finished this mod and still play it but i have a biiiiiiig question : As rumour has it AfterB+ plan on adding this mod into the game as if it was theres, is that true ? And if it is are the AntiB team going to get anything for it ?
Anyways one of the best mods out there and easily as big if not bigger than AfterB was to the game ! GG guys
this took years to make and it will most likely take even longer i'm not someone who helped make this mod but how long it took was in fact years and to redo it for AB+ will take a long time
Can you make an antibirth that supports mac? It would be nice (;3;)/
Downpour is still a problem for me, i cannot see anything that is in the water, only things that are flying (looking at you, Azazel) .-.
oh well maybe turn up your computer brighness
I'm pretty sure that wont help either, because brightness and Gamma are pretty much the same thing. Also I have looked online and it turns out it is collision issues with the water.
if you have discord you can go to the modding of isaacs discord and there is a place for antibirth support
January 20, 2017 - 3 months ago

A new animated Planetarium theme (from Antibirth) is now available!

There is a new DLC search filter on the Browse Mods page.

Added the 50 new babies from Afterbirth+.

The What's New sheet will try to get your attention when there is a new site update.

Fixed some mod icons not changing after being updated.