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Hush mode for Normal/Hard
Silence in the basement...
Created 2 years ago
This mod replaces all enemies that aren't bosses/mini-bosses with the hush. For those who think the regular game is to easy .


All characters from Issac to Azazel have been re-skinned to look like the hush.

All characters from Issac to Azazel have been given attacks that mimic those of the blue blob itself. (Playable Hush) (Completely different from the other playable hush mod.

Adds a memetastic title screen.


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and I do have afterbirth and afterbirth+
how do like put on my afterbirth saves
is there any way you could make a mod to play as ultra greed? it would be cool
Comment here suggestions of what I should make next.
June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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