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Champion Version for The Sins
The Deadly Sins have 2 version champions
Created 2 years ago
First of all: I not make a version champion of envy because a small envy or a big envy will be to hard to kill

back to the mod:

I make 2 new versions of the sins.

the small version: the sin is smaller, is more hard to hit and have less hp

the big version: the sin is big, is more easy to hit and have more hp

the mod contains also a champion version of pin, of this mod:

the mod not change the file called ''entities2'', change only the file called ''bosscolors''

well, that's all, enjoy


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To be honest, I always saw Super Deadly Sins as the champion versions of regular Deadly Sins. By the way, could you add the champion versions for Super Deadly Sins?
the champions version is for normal deadly sins and super deadly sins, 2 versions in both
can you make different ones from big/small
I can only change the height and hp, nothing more than that
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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