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Maggot Mode
Greed Mode? hahaha, it's maggot mode.
Created 2 years ago
all enemies are replaced with chub, c.h.a.d, carrion queen and non-bosses chargers

basement have 4 items, every treasure room have 1-2 items.

note: rarely the game can crash because the position of the bosses, like 1 in every 5 runs, But nothing that ruins the run, If it happen to you, Just turn on the game and click on continue, you will continue on the floor of crash, butt will not crash anymore

have a good fun


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- fixed a mistake on shop floor

- More Harder

Just remember one thing: Chub dislikes smoke! (I'm sorry, I just thought thaat someone should make this comment)
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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