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???/Blue Baby starts with the D20!
Something more fitting, and more useful!
Created 1 year ago
This is a pretty self explanatory and simple mod.

This replaces ???/Blue Baby's starting item, which was originally The Poop, with the D20!

It also replaces the character select menu to say "the D20!" instead of "The Poop"!

After all, it's not only fitting for ??? to have the D20, but it's also beneficial to him, considering you can re-roll alot of stuff into Soul Hearts!

Installation instructions are included within the download.


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Even though this mod says that it should make it so that the game says that Blue Baby starts with The D20 instead of The Poop, for me at least, it still says that he starts with The Poop. He does actually start with The D20, though.
Did you install the GFX folder? As in, put it inside the resources folder?
I love this mod! i've been wanting this for a long time, and it finally happened!
do i put the _MACOSX folder in resources or the other
ok thx but is it the _mascosx folder or do i put the folder labeled
Blue Baby starts with the D20! in the resources folder
You have to unzip it. You are using a Mac OS X, right? You should be able to unzip said file. Inside it should be a file named players.xml. You put that into the 'resources' folder, inside the 'Resources' folder. Like this. Paste the players.xml into the resources folder.
well broken greed mode here i come
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