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a Champion version for Pin
Pin have a champion version now
Created 3 years ago
For some unknown reason, the champion version of pin in isaac vanilla is disabled on isaac afterbirth, with this mod this champion version is enabled again.

what this champion do?

well, he gets smaller, have a smaller hp and in the place of a ipecac shot, he fire 6 normal shots

note: this doesn't change the ''entities2'' file, change only the file called: ''boss colors''


x 27

- I forgot to put the mod on the rar file, but now I fixed that. Don't judge me, I forgot the things sometimes

Hey guilherme can you make a steam version of this mod it'll be great for idiots like me who don't know how to organize files.
They used this champion pin in antibirth except they made it bigger so I guess champion pin will make it's long awaited return in repentance
i always wanted pin to be even easier thanks (:
I think that Pin's champion's version was removed from Rebirth because the developers thought that Champion Pin is easier than regular Pin. If that's the case, than I agree with them. In my opinion single Ipecac shot is more dangerous than six normal projectiles.
Wow, that pun really PINned me to the wall. I'm sorry, I'll see myself out.
I have to wonder why he was taken out of the game in the first place...
You seem to be missing the actual file,the .RAR I'm getting is empty.
I forgot to put the file on rar file, well, I fixed that, you can download now
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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