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Fiends or Friends?
My first challenge!
Created 2 years ago
This is my first challenge, as you see.
It replaces 'Pitch Black' (Which is still named pitch black) with my challenge, in which you are Isaac, blindfolded, and start with Box of Friends, BBF, BFF, Best Bud, Friend Zone, and will start out as Beezlebub.
You start with one red heart, and six empty containers.
Updated Jan 14th- Turns out you also start w/ Child Leash too!
Your goal is Mom's Heart/It Lives!

No I AM ERROR, Treasure, Vault, Dice, Challenge, Super Secret, Bedroom, Crawlspace, Sacrifice, or Black Market rooms.
(I can't recall anymore, but there might be more.)

This was made for afterbirth, and using TBoI Challenge Creator.
Please do enjoy!


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June 5, 2018 - 2 months ago

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