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Truly Reworked Challenge Rooms
Challenge Rooms is More Harder Now
Created 2 years ago
you are tired of easy challenge rooms? well, not more, now challenge rooms and Boss challenge rooms is more harder

and now I truly reworked this, and is very more harder

any time I will update the description with the waves


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- Fixed 2 rounds

- It's More Harder and different now

- It's More Harder and different now

A lot of people on this site never seem to upload screenshots of their mods.
can you please add pictures. I would like to see what you've done to improve the challenge rooms.
I updated the description with the waves
hey dude! can you make a mod to remove the blue baby fight in the hush???
if I put hush directly, the music is incorrect, then I will change the life of the blue baby of blue womb to 1, so he dies to 1 shot
well, it's done
omg!! you did it! thank u very much i appreciate, but the thing is that i wanted a potential champion hush with a mod that i made, and the only reason that is preventing that is because the blue baby fight, i dont know how to edit rooms but i know how to edit entities, soooo i dont realy care about the music thing is ok ;) (sorry for my bad english :0)
actuallly it's impossible, but with the new dlc everything will be possible
only to change the graphics, stages, and change a few enemies, nothing but that
so you cant just put the hush without blue baby???
I can, but the music will be blue baby theme on the place of hush theme
aaa ok, can you do that??? i dont care about the mess up music,
I can, and I Make
omgggg!!!!!!! thankss!! sorry for insisting XD
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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