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When you die the GAME OVER YEAH! theme from Sega Rally plays!!
Created 1 year ago
I always thought the sound that played when you die was pretty bland. So why not spruce it up a bit by changing it to the mocking and condescending GAME OVER YEAH from Sega Rally! And that's what I did.



1. Unzip the folder

2.Move the music folder to:

PC: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/

MAC: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/the binding of isaac/The Binding Of

If you cannot find your install folder in the above locations, right click on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in your Steam Library, and go to Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files...

If you already have a music mod installed, proceed to step 3

3. Open the music folder and move the folder inside to your other music folder

This Mod works for Rebirth and Afterbirth. HAVE FUN MODDING MY DUDES!

Music Modding Tutorial;


x 17

- I edited the sound file in audacity to make it sound louder and more clear, enjoy!!!

does yhis works for afterbirth+? i put the folder where you said and it didn't work, did i missed something?
Main reason I got this; it made me chuckle.
Makes me wanna kill myself! ( you know, the game of course)
50 DOWNLOADS ON MY FIRST MOD!?!?! This thing didn't even get a seal of approval and it's doing well! THANK YOU
I wish this mod could get a seal of approval, but they stopped putting seals on death music mods
I'd like to thank people for downloading this mod! It's my first one and I really appreciate it! Hopefully I will make more music mods(or other kinds) in the future.
November 2, 2017 - 5 months ago

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