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Teh Lost! - Compatible with Afterbirth
Reskin based on NotYourSagittarius's The Lost
Created 4 years ago
It's a mod that reskins The Lost into The Lost.
That's all it does really.

Nothing else.

Pretty lazy edit, actually.

Not actually called "Teh Lost!" in-game.

Now compatible with Afterbirth!


x 42

- Added files for Afterbirth, separate from Rebirth files

Btw, the picture in the character selection screen didn't change in the Afterbirth update. It's still the vanilla one(at least in my game)
"It's a mod that reskins The Lost into The Lost..."

It's TEH lost and not THE lost. the places of e and h are changed a really big change
What mod is that in the last picture?
June 5, 2018 - 8 months ago

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