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OFF Music mod
Bring music from OFF into basement...
Created 2 years ago

This mod replace original music to music from game "OFF" by Mortis Ghost.

Floor music:

Basement -> Empty Warehouse (out)
Cellar -> Empty Warehouse (in)
Burning Basement -> Tender Sugar

Caves -> Rainy Day (out)
Catacombs -> Rainy Day (in)
Flooded Caves -> Soft Breeze

Depths -> Desperately Safe
Necropolis -> The Walls Are Listening
Dank Depths -> The Walls Are Listening (cliff)

Womb/Utero -> Burned Bodies
Scarred Womb -> Yesterday was better
Blue Womb -> Some rudiments of propriety

Cathedral -> Brain Plague
Sheol -> Brain Plague

Chest -> The Race of a Thousand Ants
Dark Room -> The Race of a Thousand Ants

Shop -> Windows Licking
Secret Room -> Just Like a Bunch of Monkeys Fighting Underwater
Arcade -> A Stab of Happiness
Library -> Woman of Your Dreams
Ambush/Boss Rush -> Magic Pipe
Angel Room -> Clockwork
Devil Room -> Clockwork (slow)
Empty boss room -> Not Safe
Title Screen -> Fourteen Residents
Run Start Jingle ->
Nightmare -> Grey Pencil
Game Over Theme -> Stay In Your Coma
Credits -> Judy Garland - Over the rainbow

Boss Fight -> Pepper Steak
Afterbirth Boss Fight -> Pepper Steak
Mom -> Fake Orchestra
Mom's Heart/It Lives -> Minuit a Fond la Caisse
Hush -> Front Gate
Isaac -> O Rosto De Um Assassino
??? -> The Meaning of His Tears
Satan -> Flesh Maze Tango
The Lamb -> Avatar Beat
Ultra Greed -> Panic in Ballville (Boss Level 1)

Music are taken from OFF OST and OFF game files.
Alias Conrad Coldwood - OFF OST
Judy Garland - Over the rainbow

Link to game:

If you have any suggestion, please write this in comments.


x 31

- Amplified each song to max nocliping sound level. Now it should be louder.

- If it's too loud for you just use 1.0 version please.

Thank you so much for this. I will purify all the adversaries.
I've played OFF for some time now, and this mod could not have been more perfectly placed , eccpecially since I am stuck in zone 3
As a fan of both OFF and isaac, this is well worth your time
Cool mod, OFF is a good and strange game...

Purification in progress...
not very fitting but i still love the ost anyways
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