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The Memeing of Memic: Aftermeme
Everything is Memes!
Created 2 years ago

What does this mod do?

The Memeing of Memic changes all of the item/trinket names and descriptions to have at least one instance of the word Meme in them. This makes the game both more challenging (some items are now harder to distinguish from others based on the text), as well as more hilarious.

Current Changes!

    [All Collectible Items are changed]
    [All Trinkets are changed]

Planned Features!

    [Changed Pill/Card/Rune Descriptions]
    [All item sprites changed to the word Meme]
    [All characters changed to meme names and having sprites of said memes]
    [Whatever other dumb stuff pops in my head while working on this]

Is this compatible with just Rebirth?

I'm fairly sure it isn't, though if someone could let me know, I'll update this section. A rebirth version could easily be done, as the afterbirth items are in their own separate section of the text file.

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x 18
which folder to i but the mod in? i tried putting the mod into the same folder i put another mod in but it doesnt work
Are You gonna update this to Afterbirth plus?
Oh, have You ever thought about add some real memes?
well, instead of naming everything meme, let us see some real memes!
You do know just adding the word meme in it doesn't really make it a meme,right?
i say the word meme in exchange for other words
We need a global meme mod.
With new sprites for items, bosses and characters.
Let's start a whole new MEME ARMY!
thats my plan for the future after afterbirth + comes out. so far ive memed the basement.
Please I need a cricket head that is doge
But DogeMeme refused to die!
such undertale
many souls
i browse /b/ and watch all silvagunner videos every day. filthy normie scum i will rip soul your spleen and sacrifice it to grand dad himself.
none pf those are good memes and dab is an annoying motion that shows you are an uncool "kool kid."
June 5, 2018 - 2 months ago

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