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Golden StopWatch
Stop time at your speed
Created 1 year ago
Since the new update on the StopWatch making it useless for The Lost so i made this mod

-Turns the StopWatch into a usable/active item
-You can still get hit to slow down time if you don't have a charge
-Only a 2 room recharge
-Nice golden watch

-Put the {gfx} and {item.xml} into your {resources} folder

♑ Thanks for your time ♎

P.s. The first 3 images i forgot to actually put the gfx file in like a dumb dumb

Mod Is Currently [Milestone (V.1.0/V.2.0)]

Reached Download Milestone:
-5 [✔]
-10 [✔]
-50 [ ]
★100 [ ]


x 20

- Added Golden Charge bar

- Renamed the Stop watch to The Golden Stop watch

- Added character costume for Golden StopWatch

- Fixed the gfx folder

Oh no, The Stopwatch is even more Overpowered now?
I haven't really express my feelings about this mod and how its going getting so much overwhelming support thanks every one
this don´t work (is better like a passive item)
is it becose of the balance change that they did for it
"Stop time at your own PASE" might wanna fix that spelling error...
Hahah, did not notice that thanks man
January 20, 2017 - 8 months ago

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