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MLG Sounds
Now With More Inception!!!
Created 4 years ago
What else should there be?
(Inception main theme (Mind Heist) originally made by Zack Hemsey)
I give up on this community. This is my most liked mod. And most downloaded. Why am I surprised? You know what, lets just -v-o-t-e- I am just gonna be letting QTheNew42Q finish this mod...


x 26

- some minor bug fixes

- title screen has new music (inception theme)

- illuminati comfirmed

- New deth muzik

- mite be mesed up

This mod contains:
General Gameplay
needs to say GET CRUNK when using a pill. From FNAFB
Wow. The only thing needed to be said about this mod.
ok just add them in urselves and this will be called a community creation
Whenever you kill a boss "Oh my ******* God!"
Airhorn whenever you pick up an item
June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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