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Unoficial "Rupees for coins" Patch
Makes coin related items into Rupees.
Created 3 years ago


-YOU NEED Phalanx's Rupees for coins MOD FOR THIS TO WORK PROPERLY! (

I like to use mods when i'm bored. i especially love textures mod... but sometimes, these mods needs a little finishing touch. so i made an unofficial patch for Phalanx's Rupees for coins!

This mod edits:
-Swallowed Penny: Swallowed Rupee.
-Store Credit: The dollar symbol is now a rupee symbol.
-Butt Penny: Brown Rupee.
-Bloody Penny: Bloody Rupee.
-Burnt Penny: Black Rupee.
-Flat Penny: Squished Rupee.
-Counterfeit Penny: Golden Rupee.
- A Dollar: Orange Rupee.
-A Quarter: Purple Rupee.
-Money = Power: Golden Rupee.
-3 Dollar Bill = Rainbow Rupee.
-All the slot related items are replaced by a rupee.
-Super Greed Now has rupees in his eyes and the rupee symbol.

Working on:

Editing the "death bosses" and "death items" files
Achievement pictures

Special Thanks to Phalanx for the Original Rupee Mod!

(Sorry for my english. i'm from chile)


x 39

- added the new afterbirth version

- added files for the sack of pennies.

- Edited the items XML files

yes, ive found one that works and looks good
the port is almost finished! i will post the link in this one!
i just finished my school year. so now i have more time. the most likely thing that will happen is a complete rework. including the rebirth content. also, i think is possible to edit the animation files to resize the spritesheet of the afterbirth coins. i like "Picuber"'s port. but i feel it's a little off.

Also. the fact that i need to edit completly ultra greed, the gui, and other afterbirth things. means that probably an afterbirth port will be out in January or February.

(Possibly i will upload an normal version and a photosensitive epilepsy one. so everyone can enjoy the mod.)
I've ported the Rupees for coins mod to Afterbirth
can I put a link to your mod into my description?
i'm thinking of updating the mod, making the coin tears ruppees, ultra greed eyes rupees, it will take some time to do. but i promise that in the future there will be an update.
Can you atleast update what you have so far for afterbirth?
Nice addition to an already great mod.
I didn't know I wanted this!
Since you went and did all this I guess I have to get the rupee mod now!
@Ryroe Well... thanks! i will fix it right away. also, does anybody knows where i can learn modding?
I assume you mean coding, so there are two ways I know of learning how to code: a college may have a class, or knowing someone else who can teach you a programming language(I'm doing this!)
Oh, btw. It should be called "unofficial" not "unnoficial"
Definitely gonna try this. Looks great.
Great mod! Thanks a lot for making it!
@Asandir Thanks man! now i must edit the XML files and it will be perfect!
Been using the Rupee mod for some time, so I am very happy about this patch, awesome sprite work!
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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