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The Distortion of Isaac
What is a tinted rock?
Created 2 years ago
Get ready...
For nothing special.

Actually, this mod took a decent amount of time but is rather simple. It's a graphics mod that distorts as much as possible without getting rid of it... i.e. statues.

Good luck finding out what is and isn't a tinted rock.


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So... Much... Distortion... My brain can't process it all
One may also ask: "Why is a rock tinted?"
If you want to get all existential about it. :P
good question... ask ed. He'd know.
Is that Bob's brain or common cold? I will take the item and... IT BOB'S STUPID BRAIN!
But those two items have different shades of green. Also, what's so bad about bob's rain? I find it no worse than dr. fetus.
I don't get the point of these mods, who seriously wants to play the game like this?
It's supposed to be a challenge for those who are bored with the normal Isaac.
it's very similar but definitely not the same.
No, it's the same idea, the same concept.
I disagree. It is indeed the same concept, although the two mod authors have employed that concept quite differently from one-another.
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