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The Binding of Chao's Playmate
Play as my Chao Character!
Created 2 years ago
This little guy is my YouTube and Steam persona, and while this was mostly made for personal reasons, feel free to use it if you like!


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This is literally just a recolour with some tumours coming out the top of isaac. Seriously. Put some goddamn effort in to it atleast.
First of all, there's no need to be rude. Second, as I mentioned in the description, this was something I used personally, but uploaded in case anyone else was interested. If it was something I made solely for the website, a lot more effort would have been put into it. Third, the character is already very similar to the way isaac looks, and I wanted to keep it similar.
Chaos, just saying it doesnt look nice, it's an eyesore, look, if you give me time, i could make some spritework for it.
alright, check my steam profile for pictures of the source. Keep in mind also that this was the first bit of modding I did.
Alright, I looked, it'll take some time, but i'll do it.
I'm lazy and havent read, it says rebirth at the top but is it also afterbirth?
I would assume so, it only changes Isaac and the Halo sprites. Lemme know if it doesn't!
Unlike the others that don't really understand, I applaud you good sir.
.... i don't understand :v but like
June 5, 2018 - 2 months ago

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