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Flowey (Undertale) = Rotten Baby
Flowey is now Rotten Baby!
Created 2 years ago

This mod turns the Rotten Baby into Flowey (Flower Baby) from Undertale.

It works great with the The Binding of Undertale mod, as it turns the blue flies into Friendliness Pellets

How to Install :

Place items.xml and GFX inside your resources folder.
If you have other items.xml, you can combine the two by opening my items.xml, finding Rotten Baby (Id = 268), copying it, and replacing 268 in your items.xml.

EDIT : If you want, you can request a reskinned item, a reskinned character (If it isn't too hard for me.), reskinned UI, changed items descriptions, changed music, or anything else you can think of that isn't too hard.


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this is silly, but i can't find Rotten Baby's template so I can reskin it. I found his item pedestal look and successfully reskinned that, but I can't find the actual familiar template. Can you help me out? Thanks!
I'm curious, can you make any enemy of your choice into GRANDAD.
And if you could turn spiders into frogs and Mega Satan in to Red from NES Godzilla Creepy Pasta, and Gapers into Yesmen from toontown. it would help for a mod i'm making.
Hey, I'm trying to make a collection of Undertale mods, so that people can get the most Undertale stuff in one mod collection. But I tried adding to the collection, and a message pops up that says failed to add to collection. Help?
er, i dont really know why?
do i have to change some sort of restriction?
im new to this website.

maybe try closing and reopening the browser? or possibly (this will delete some data.) delete your browsing history and/or cookies. i would use this as a last resort.

also, try restarting your computer?
or signing out and back in?
Just realized it's every mod. Must be on my end. Thanks anyways! And yeah, I'm new as well.
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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