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Paintings in Basement
Adds 7 randomly placed paintings to the basement walls
Created 3 years ago

This mod adds 7 randomly placed paintings on the walls in the basement floor.


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I like it
It is just a nice thing to have in the background
Made it look like Isaac's mom actually tries XD
I like these kind of mods, great work ;)
i like mods that improve the look of the game
Very interesting idea, but could do with adding more paintings to more floors. The paintings could have things like skeletons in the Depths or paintings of Satan / Jesus in Sheol / Cathedral.
Very nice idea that shows the variance you can put in floors, but they don't seem to fit with the perspective. Possibly have them get at least one pixel thinner halfway down.
This is really cool! Do you know what's the limit if there is one to the number of texture we can add like this ?
@SoldadoBr it ADDs these textures ;)
same question as soldadobr please!
They replace or just add more textures?
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