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The death screen is now an image with "kys faggot" in comic sans
Created 2 years ago

memey bro

oh wow! isn't it great. again kinda self explainatory but still pretty cool anyway. so basically wen you die "kys faggot" is in comic sans bc u should kys haha.
*royalty free ukulele*

  • oh wait

I'm not going to do that anymore
cuz its dumb
kill me

take me off of this planet


x 11
wait so, are you suicidal, or...?
gg, but no.

i lost it when i die, and this mod makes me less mad.

i thought there was a standard of quality that you had to adhere to for a mod to be accepted
nope hahahahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahahahhaha all you gave to have is to add something meaningful to the game, have a descriptive description, and screenshots.
how the fuck did this get approved
why not is the true question
November 2, 2017 - 5 months ago

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