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Bob`s Brain=ded
Bob`s Brain is a green box with "ded" in comic sans.
Created 2 years ago


wow. bobs brain is now an image with a green box that says ded. I figured that since it ruins most runs I decided to make it blatantly say that you are dead.


x 11

- New familiar sprite

- Added Pickup sprite

- wow

- I updated the familiar sprite and added a new pickup sprite. :3

- I forgot to put the "familiar" folder into a "gfx" folder. So I fixed it.

- I forgot to put the "familiar" folder into a "gfx" folder. So I fixed it.

Bob's Brain is pretty much the only item that I actively avoid. Can we have a second option to replace Bob's Brain with a big cube saying "AVOID"?
OBJECTION.....isn't bobs brain already dead
unpopular opinion: i like bob's brain.

(am now commenting on all your mods.)
so, let me just get this straight. you like bob`s brain?
how often do you find bobs brain?
because I find it too much and its just annoying
btw , i loved ur mod Shadow (rip bob, nobody will care for his death)
is a team fortress 2 reference to : You are dead, not a big surprice.
also, dont stop making mods, maybe one day , one of your mods will be in the top 10 (bob still dead, nobody cares)
i do not con-cider this as a reference, because i SAW in a video a mexican dude saying YOO AR DAD. NUT BEEG SOORPRAYSE
Bob's stuff doesn't show up very often for me. I feel so blessed.
"ded lol"
Accurately summarizes what happens to you when you pick up the item. Thank you, dear modder, for helping my urges to not take it.
yeah that`s kind of what I was thinking of when I made it haha
June 5, 2018 - 2 months ago

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