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Guppy and only guppy
You can only get guppy items
Created 2 years ago
Pretty self-explanatory. In almost every pool, you can only get guppy items. There are a few exceptions because of how the game works, however. Be careful and use these to practice your guppy skills!

P.S. Lemme know if you can beat through the chest with any character. I'm interested to see.


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so that means that i can repeatedly get guppy items?
So after just 5-6 items you'll get breakfast
They repeat last i checked. Yeah.
This is good, but there's only a limited number of guppy items... Won't it get boring after awhile? I mean don't get me wrong I love Gupster, but... maybe add some other transformation items to the mix? Just a suggestion.
Truth. I made it that way on purpose though. And actually, there are a few random ones that you can find that are not guppy... It's a rather specific mod. Fun, but difficult over time. Can be used to test how good you are without tons of items.
guppy, guppy and...... GUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYY
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