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Heeeeeeeeeey, Enter the gungeon!
Created 2 years ago


This mod would be impossible without these four beautiful and very talented people and a talented youtuber!

Sentinel is the creator of The binding of isaac: Hardmode created the menus!

Comcast Helped me a crap ton by letting me use his files from his Enter the gungeon ui and pickups mod

Gorafy is the creator of the skins!

Logical reskinned a lot of sprites!


-New title screen!
-New Charecter select screen! (Thanks Sentinel!)
-Reskined over 50 items!
-Reskined 2 bosses!
-Renamed over 50 items!
-Reskined some Characters (Marine, Hunter, Convict and the Robot are the only ones that have in-game skins at the moment)!
-Changed starting items!
-Changed A LOT of the music
-Changed a load of sprites

How to download

1.Extract the file and put the content in the resources folder.
2.You can find it in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources".
3.If not, go to steam and right click on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and click Properties, go to Local Files and click Browse Local Files.


1. Did you look at the "How to Download" section?
2. Do you have Rebirth? this mod is only for Afterbirth and Afterbirth +.
3. Maybe an other mod causes it.
4.If it is still not working i don't know what the cause is.


If you find bugs of any kind please tell me!


Hutts gaming channel made a video of this mod!


x 88

- Larry is now jr. ammoconda!

- Logical made more stuff

- Logical, please slow down XD

- Logical made even more stuff!!! :3

- logical reskined a boss (no im not telling you what one)!

- i renamed items that logical reskine (mostly the bomb items to ammolets and blanks)

- AND MUCH MORE!!! (Thanks logical ;3)

- Logical has done it again! everything in this update was made by them!

- fire is now not as epileptic

- reskined tons of new items

- map now has different icons

- Judas now has sunglasses?


- Loads of sprites were made by Logical!

- Logical reskined the dog in game to actually be the dog!

- Fixed the starting items :3 !

- Sentinel fixed the convicts hair :3 !

- added starting items :3 !

- Cain is now tha convict :3 !

- Renamed All Reskined items :3 !

- I had a brainfart and the file was the wrong one

- Fishinacabin fixed the music :3!

- Isaac is now the marine :3!

- Blue baby is now The robot :3 !

- Magdelene is now the hunter! :3

- Sentinel Created the title screen and the charechter select screen!

maybe you should replace azazel with the bullet since they are both close range characters.
Good mod btw!
I was thinking more the keeper, since he could use bullet health
you need to do Hush like Blobulord!
you should update for ab+! its a great mod though.
Я так же считаю! Лучше бы для начала научился рисовать, перед тем, как браться за мод.
I presonally like the idea of combining those two games.
found a mistake already...
the boss name for The Ammoconda...its black and can not be seen since the background is also black...
and you didnt mention what i did D:
oh great...
my corrections were made into mistakes again...
i apreciate that...
i know, i didnt know how to fix the black name and what stuff did you add? i think it was in the last update. send the mediafire for what you want meh to add
it's just a mistake, don't worry so much
Hutts played your mod
and can download this mod in the binding of isaac afterbirth? or not ?
I cannot think of even attempting such a big project, you sir deserve a trophy or something because this is such a great idea!
thank you! but its not just me who deserves all of the credit ;3
How can I help, man? TO be a part of a project like this would be AWESOME!
Enimeise (i spelt wrong) and bosses are the only things i need help with for now ;3
Okay! I'm looking some stuff up to do now. Is there anything else I should do? Also, how do I get the sprites to you?
to get them to me, send them through mediafire
go to, make a acount and upload the files you want to send, then send me the link to them ;3
... okay, i tried downloading it and my computer can't. Can you have it not be a .rar? Or not?
thinking up some minor ideas for the mod. maybe make the poop into barrels? that's my only idea for now
good idea ;3 i will try to make it happen
Very Good mod! It is literaly Enter The Gungeon on Afterbirth
I could help with a bit of spriting, if you need some more assist
sure! what would you want to help with?
Well, Ill help with whatever you need, but I'm better at kind of smaller sprites, like items
i have finished all the items (exept for bomb items but logical took care of th items) myself
Hm. I guess I'll start working on some bosses and maybe enemies (Or anything else you need me for).
Just let me know the things you need and I'll start on it. Shall I add you on steam for easy messaging?
I would be glad to help, if you need it.
sure! what do you want to help with?
are you any good with bosses? beacuse i wuld like the cage to be cannon balrog, amoconda is larry, dragun could be moms heart, blue baby is lichs first form and thats it for now. is that cool? or if you want you could reskin the muliboom to be the walking grenade.
I'll work on it, not much experience with gungeon but google images should do.
I also thought that...
But i litrally find nothing on google images...
Wouldnt it be more fitting to make satan the liches first form???

Since Satan --> Mega Satan...
May 14, 2018 - 13 days ago

New text clarification in the Help section for users unable to download mods.