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Nigel Thornberry blar brimstone mod
It changes the normal brimestone sound to Nigel's blar
Created 3 years ago
So my friend was looking through his old youtube playlist and found a Nigel video, then I realized its true potential and made it a mod. The sound is a bit longer than the brimstone laser but its still worth it to hear him.


x 16
Instead of the ear raping "BWAAAAAAH" Sound, It's now a soft (and much funnier) "Blaraghararahga"
Now, Instead of the ear raping "BWAAAAAAAAAAH!" sound.. it's now a much softer (and funnier) Blararrarranagh/
Well, this made my crappy day alot better. 10/10
Sounds a little bit like peter griffin in there.
June 5, 2018 - 9 months ago

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