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Harder Bosses
Doubles the HP of all Bosses
Created 3 years ago

This mod doubles the HP of every Boss ingame.


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delirium have now 20000 Hp= hardest run ever but i like it
I like the harder bosses beacuse normal bosses are easy to kill but now it's not gonna be easy
the cage and all of the final bosses has double hp= impossible for the lost
It feels like that Basement or Cellar bosses will completely rape anyone.
i'll download this so the endgame bosses have some more health they die rather quick
...But why? This kinda defeats the purpose of boss rush becaue you're never gonna make it there now.
@Darkly in many runs I beat almost every boss in just a few seconds. Especially the bosses at the final floors are dying way too quickly
This isn't really harder, it's just grindier. I understand that you can't make new attack patterns, but you could've at least made them do more damage rather than this.
This seems really evil and not fun. If it added cool new attack patterns rather than making all the bosses a total grindfest, then I could see myself playing with this mod.
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