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The Toping of Isaac
Makes friends look better
Created 3 years ago
Most familiars now come equipted with tophats

The ones that dont have tophats, dont have them because
it makes no sense at all: Gb Bug

How to mod:
1. Instal the mod
2. Unzip it
3. You will now have a mod folder. Put everything in the mod folder to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/
4. Have fun


x 5

- Lil brimstone now joins the party

- Rotten baby finally added

- Shop keepers now also have tophats...

- And that Error guy aswell...althought it seems to always be disapearing...

- Gave almost every familiar a tophat

Have You gor any screenshots with comparison?
It looks quite similiar to the original ones and it's hard to say which ones are better.
i just put top hats on them so of course they look simalar
But Your idea for mod was pretty good
yo, would you like to help me with reskining the mystery sack to the dog in this image?
Your asking me???
Thats such an honor...
And that image is so small...
But i know what it is so why not
I should have it done by tomorow...

Emphesis on "should"
No sprite sheets or anything...
So yeah...
But i will most likly also do some other things
You wouldnt mind if i were to also do the special shop keepers --> The one from Enter the Gungeon
And the chests???
when you are done, you can send me a link through mediafire!c
Im done

Oh and i kinda did more...
I made all the doors have locks from Gungeon and made the fires aswell XD
I also made some screenshots and added the Spritesheets i got everything from
Hope you enjoy
I... I Dont know what to say. Thanks so much!!! thats a gigantic help !!!!
You are welcome

And i had fun making it so we are all happy
Just ask if you want me to do something more
Ok! its nice to know you had fun!
is it possible to make the fires less epileptic? beacuse they hurt my eyes...
what i mean is the gif only has 2 frames right? the second frame is so different in size that its like its teleporting.
Hey take this

I did like ALOT...
Even fixed the sprites that you already had...
Like ALL the character sprites were from rebirth, also some other things
But you will see it anyway

I also found these cool sunglasses, but since im not a sunglasses-person i gave them to Judas. He looks fancy now XD
Thanks! but why did you give glasses to judas XD?
Because im crazy XD

And he was the first character i saw
I did more XD
Expect another update later today...

Once im done XD
Yeah sorry XD

But its just so much fun XDDD
Why isnt it updated yet?
it messed up and its corrupted the files so i need to dowlaod it when i get home... im starting to get worried
dont worry, my computer broke down yesterday and ill fix it today
I saw it

Did you like what i did to the title screen?
I found some thing that shouldnt be, and fixed them
great! but one thing... before i update, could you make ALL of the tinted rocks water barrels, rocks from cellar, burning basement,basement,caves,flooded caves into barrels and make the rock debris barrel debris from ingame?
What are rock debris and barrel debris???
like, you know when you blow up a rock, little bits fly all over the place? in gungeon, breaking a barrel basikally does that.

okey ill try to do it...
Okey im done...
...did you see that i finished???
thanks! i left a message 6 hours ago but it didnt register...
Don't you mean The Top*p*ing of Isaac? I think toping isn't a word... It is pronounced towping when you spell it the way you did.
Im not gonna change it now...
i know, thats why i made this mod
Great! does it work with water hearts (you reskined little chubby)? does he get green AND the top hat? PS : Nice mod! how did you make the sprites?
no it wont can only have one or the other
i just put tophats ontop of them...
I was replying to comment that asked if two different mods magically combined to work with each other and I said that it's not how it works. Sorry if that con fused you.
I already sayed that it wouldnt work
Sorry. But due to my lack of common courtacy I simply have to reiterate what was already spoken to insure that people know that the person who just replied with the same response as the person who already answered the question but with a more rude response as the first is just an asshole AKA me I'll be here all week.
Which modding tool do you recommend?
well, i just got into modding so exuse me but i think im doing a good job on my new mod
This is your mod...? It's not so I don't get what you're trying to tell me.
Oh yeah and also on your Gungeon mod you spelled because wrong on the subtitle of the name of the mod.
maybe some other time man, sorry I'm just freestyling this comment because I'm practicing my typing because I still need to type faster and better. So yeah!
that was rude. i never said this was my mod and i could correct all of your spelling mistakes and you would get kind of mad so please stop.
Ummm... Sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings
And I didn't know you'd get all mad. Which modding tool should I pick?
modding tool depends on type of mod. what type of mod are you using?
i mean making not using at the end
I want to make one that is reskin only for that my favorite kind of mod.
Which modding tool should I use to make my own mod. Because I made a mod but it is extremely bad...
Every single one

You will need them all
Hey I thought rotten baby was in the costumes folder in the gfx/characters folder. if not then I will try finding it.
Well thank you

but why is it not in familiars??
I don't know :P ask the dev. anyway I helped!
Yes you did, and i really thank you for that
.....mabey somewhen in the futur
Can you give the sitting shop keepers hats I would love to see the money eyed keeper with a top hat
I was thinking about doing that...
But i havent found all the shop keeper sprites yet XD
well the files are pretty extensive but not for sprites like the spear of destiny or spiders or flies and even brimstone. All of those are pretty simple to get
we arent talking about those thought...
Yeah i know that I also know where the familiars are but while looking today I couldn't find anything to do with shop keepers
Top hat on GB Bug makes a lot of sense. As long as it's glitched top hat.
I think that each familiar should have different stuff... Not just tophats. Then I would download this.
Different hats... Maybe hair? I don't really know, Because tophats would just get dull quickly.
Do you know how hard it is to do these stuff???
Yes actually I do, I tried to make an complete overhaul. This is just adding little hats to the familiars.
And they don't even have a lot of detail.
Thats true...
But this was just a mod i made because i didnt want to see Satan's Face anymore...
He is like the hardest one there is when it comes to changing
Things like caps, beanies, fedoras, etc it could be awesome, like eden barbershop but for familliars
oh god...

Adds this to the long list of things to do

Another mod i will have to do...

Crawls towards the computer
There's no need to thank me really ^^, I'm looking forward to this

Good luck with that !
It was a sarcastic thanks...
I have so much to do...
I'm not that good of an artist, but I can help you if you want haha
Just so you know
Im also not good at art...
And it would be very nice indeed
We all need more tophats in our game. I wonder what else we can put tophats on...
I recommend that the hat evolves as the evolution of bumbo
Now that is interesting
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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