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Water Coins
Is edible money a good idea?
Created 3 years ago
The invasion of the watermelons continue
Will Isaac be able to stop them?
No. Of course not.

Anyway, stupid intro aside:
Its the next Watermelon mod. WOOOOO

Things that have been changed to watermelons this time:
Money (Duh)
More items and trinkets
Bloodstains and Blood effects
More bosses and enimies
The angel statue
Angel and Devil doors
Not Satan because no one likes you Satan!!!

The full version is out:
The binding of Water

How to mod:
1. Instal the mod
2. Unzip it
3. You will now have a mod folder. Put everything in the mod folder to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/
4. Have fun


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you are a little bit obsessed with melons :v you know this is a very greaN mod :v
Not anymore, im done with watermelons

and thanks
Maybe not the best idea, but its something, right?
I ate too many water coins and can't afford steam sale
Then puke them up....
or something i guess...
Are the watermelons that these are made of naturally grown? Any pesticides or growth hormones?
Everything was kept naturall...
Alright, because I know a few shopkeepers who only accept pure, natural watercoins
Yeah i kniw them too
Take like 10 minutes just to pay...
I personally prefer chocolate coins to watermelon coins, but these aren't that bad. Weird aftertaste, but you get used to it.
Yeaaaah sorry for that...

I dropped some sugar onto the watermelon farm i use...
Sorry if they taste bad...
Actually thinking about it
Its better like that, since you need the money to buy stuff
make health and hearts watermelons
I already did
and here is the rest
i see you continued your watermelon trend...
next one is currently being made.....

I hate you mega satan!!!!!
well geuss what -FF-, almost all graphics mods are ``useless`` so why dont you go bash on all of them will you? PS: your icon describes you pretty well!
nice burn you gave him
do you have firemind or something?
Um...I don't appreciate the burn. Maybe you just want to show off... but I'm not mad at you,say what you want,that is your right.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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