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The binding of isaac afterisaac
isaac and his isaac...
Created 3 years ago

isaac is love, isaac is life

you want to ask "wtf???"... i dont know

how to download:
1. download
2. unpack
3. bring gfx to the files of the game
4. have FUUUUN

also chek my friend mods @KawaiTemFrisk




x 4

- 1. repainted monsters, larry jr. & mega satan

- 2. issac tears

- 3. new load images

- 4.poop is now isaac!!!

- yup thats it. finally, update

- add a new isaacs like death, it lives, moms heart and isaac

- changed isaac's

Uh.. Can you please give like. More detail as to what you've changed? From what you've said, we know absolutely nothing about the mod.
What....what is it? The author,riprap me your weed :\
Isaac and his Isaac lived in a small Isaac on a Isaac... (continue the story in bold)
Life was Isaac an they were both Isaac
Cool, but i think other things can be ISAAC too!
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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